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What is AYSO Core?
Our Grassroots program is the foundation for all the fun, excitement, and learning that happens on the fields! We have developed our soccer program to be age-appropriate and developmentally challenging based on our Six Philosophies, which are the essence of AYSO’s Mission and Vision and guide all that we do.
  • Everyone Plays(R)
  • Balanced Teams
  • Open Registration
  • Positive Coaching
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Player Development

Current Divisions Offered within AYSO Core
8U CoEd
*divisions are offered only if enough participants sign-up AND we have adequate volunteers.

Number of teams in each division is dependent on total player registrations and available volunteers.
Volunteers, we need you!

Future Offerings

Someday we hope to offer our kids the opportunity to expand and grow past our Core Program. Potential offerings would be to add AYSO Extra, AYSO Alliance, or AYSO United to our program.

AYSO Extra
What is AYSO Extra?
For those who want to play harder and still be a part of AYSO, EXTRA(TM) is perfect! This program gives AYSO athletes a more progressive soccer experience. With the right balance of competition and inclusion, you can feel secure knowing your child is part of a trusted organization and will be given fair playing time.

AYSO Alliance
What is AYSO Alliance?
The purpose of the AYSO ALLIANCE program is to support the AYSO player development pathway to the highest levels of play. It is an integral part of the AYSO Club program potential progression to AYSO United.

AYSO United

What is AYSO United?

AYSO United is proud to be the Official Club Program of American Youth Soccer Organization. Our United program is designed to complete the AYSO Player Development Pathway, allowing players to complete their youth soccer journey under AYSO’s Six Philosophies. Building upon the foundation of the tremendous history and tradition, our AYSO United players will experience a positive, developmentally-appropriate environment, where they will not only develop in practice but during the game, where they are guaranteed 50% play.

AYSO Age Divisions

AYSO uses an age based registration* system. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding divisions and age based registration. 
*information below is based on our 2022/2023 registration season.

How do you determine age?

AYSO uses "birth year" registration. Under birth year registration a players division is determined solely on that players date of birth. For example all players born in 2012 will be in the same age group, regardless of whether they were barn in January, 2012 or December, 2012, and also regardless of what grade they are in school. This birth year registration complies with the guidelines of U.S. Soccer, the governing body of soccer in the United States.

How does this affect my child and what division will he/she be in?

Because we have a Fall and Spring season (some regions only have one season) and those seasons run from July 2022 (formation of teams) to June 2023 (last games of Spring season), determining which division your child will be in can be tricky. When figuring out which division your player will be in we look at their age on the last day of the calendar year (12/31/XX). As an example, a player who turns 6 before 12/31/2022 would be in our 8U division. Whereas a player who turns 6 on 1/1/2023 would be in our 6U division. Below is a general breakdown of the Birth Year Divisions to help answer the above question.

 Birth YearDivision Age on 12/31/2022
20186U 4

What if my child's birth year now places him/her with children who are mostly in a higher grade, can we move him/her down?

No, as a rule, AYSO does not allow move-downs to a division below a player's age group.

If you have additional questions, please let us know.

Division Season Information

6U & 8U Information
Fall season:
- Practices* start mid-late August
- Games in September
Spring season:
- Practices* start mid-late May
- Games in June

Registered users can find team specific details regarding the 6U and 8U divisions by logging in to their account. These are located within the TEAM CENTRAL tab, which also includes schedule information. Select the division (6U or 8U), then your players team to find the relevant details.

10U & Above Information
Fall season:
- Practices* start mid-late August
- Games run September - October

Spring season:
- Practices* start mid-late March
- Games run April - May

Registered users can find team specific details their players by logging in to their account, then navigating to the TEAM CENTRAL tab.
U10 & above game schedules are provided by the Cedar Rapids region. They can be found on the Cedar Rapids AYSO site, linked below, or by contacting your child's coach.

Cedar Rapids AYSO 1112 Schedules

*Specific practice times and dates will be set by the team coach for all divisions/age groups.